This academic year the Department for the Study of Religions celebrates its 10th anniversary. We offer studies in the discipline on three levels - B.A., M.A. and Ph.D.

The mains topics of study in our department are: problems of cultural encounters (especially between Europe and the Orient), present religiousness, interreligious dialogue, and the history and methodology of the discipline. Faculty of our department specialize in both prehistorical and ancient traditions, including the study of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, traditions of South Asia, China and Japan. Students are obliged to study one of the following languages in the department: Arabic, Arameian, Hebrew, Japanese, or Sanskrit (or alternatively can take Latin or Greek in other departments of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy). Our students can study abroad through exchange programs with universities in Belgium, the USA, Germany, Poland, Estonia or Turkey. Members of the department are active in the education of basic and secondary school teachers to familiarize them and their students with the discipline of religious studies.

The Department for the Study of Religions is co-organising this year’s upcoming conference on Rethinking Religion in India III, to be held in Pardubice (October 11th – 14th). The main organizers are the Research Centre for the Comparative Science of Cultures (Gent University, Belgium) and the Centre for the Study of Local Cultures (Kuvempu University, India). The theme of this conference is European Representations and Indian Responses. For more information about this conference, please see: